In the Wind and Solar Energy module, students learn about today’s two major forms of alternative energy and how technology is used to convert and transmit this energy. They explore solar and wind as an energy source that can be used to help reduce dependence on exhaustible, nonrenewable fuel sources. Students will gain a global perspective when they understand the economics, efficiency, and low environmental impact of producing energy from non-polluting, renewable sources.





DEPCO courseware is developed from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB). Close correlation with these standards will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the workplace.

Module Equipment Includes

Level 1 Industrial Training Center Includes: Training System Board, Load Device, Alternate Power Sources and Renewable Energy DVD, Solar panel, Pigtail Set for Solar panel J-Box, 12 Volt DC Battery, Battery Cable, Wind turbine In-Class Assembly, GreenMeter Software, Student Manual, Instructor Manual, Print CD.

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