The trebuchet was the main weapon used during sieges in the Middle Ages; these weapons were capable of hurling huge boulders over castle walls and into fortresses. In this curriculum, students will learn about the properties that affect the operation of a trebuchet. They will learn how energy is transferred from the counterweight to the projectile, and how the release angle and velocity affect the range of the projectile. Then, students will construct a trebuchet and learn how the design parameters and the size of the trebuchet and counterweight affect trebuchet performance. At the end of this curriculum, students organize and participate in a trebuchet game and learn how to accurately target a trebuchet, and they also construct a trebuchet capable of hurling an object a minimum of 20 ft. 

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition or SOLIDWORKS Premium Edition are required and sold separately.





Math, Reading, Science 

Module Equipment Includes

Student Workbook, Instructor's Manual, Installation CD, Construction Manual, Trebuchet Kit, Toolbox, SOLIDWORKS® Education Edition Software, Hardware Kit, Safety Glasses

Additional kits available in quantities of five and ten (picture shows ten kits).


Part # and Description

MP1722 - Totally Trebuchet 




Curriculum Specifications

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