In this curriculum, students will be introduced to an easy-to-use briefcase PLC trainer. They will be introduced to ladder diagrams, binary, and Boolean logic. Students will also conduct various programming and wiring experiments, which stimulate proficiency in controller operation and industrial applications.





Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Commor Core Math standards

Module Equipment Includes

Student Workbook, Instructor's Manual, Installation CD, DEPCO Suitcase PLC, Patch Cords, Adapter Cable, Safety Glasses (2), Headphones (2)

Computer is required and sold separately.

Part # and Description




Curriculum Specifications

The PLC is enclosed in a portable storage case made of impact-resistant polyethylene. The interior panel contains the micro controller (internally fused), mounted in a steel training panel. Included on the panel is a 24-volt DC power supply (grounded and fused), 4 combination lights and switches (two momentary and two maintain - normally open or closed); banana-jack terminal strips with protective shields for the lights/switches and I/O (6 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs) from the Pico Micro Controller; 0 to 10 V panel meter and potentiometer.