First Aid and CPR offers students intensive computer-based training and hands-on skill practice in basic first aid and CPR procedures. This curriculum prepares students to effectively deal with emergency scene management and render aid for a wide spectrum of injuries. Students cover infant, child, and adult CPR techniques. Training to treat cardiac emergencies using an automated external defibrillator (AED) ensures that students will be using the most current recommended procedures. Students follow safety guidelines and recommended protocols to provide first aid or CPR in accordance with accepted legal, ethical, and precautionary practices.

*The First Aid and CPR CPU is not intended as a CPR certification course.

**Students are exposed to both American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) content. 





National Health Science Standards

Module Equipment Includes

  • Student Workbook
  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Installation CD
  • Anti-Choking Trainer
  • Bandaging Material
  • Cold Pack
  • Gauze
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Blended Learning Skill Session DVD
  • Interactive CPR Learning System
  • Red Cross AED Training Device
  • 2019 AHA Approved Adult Manikin with CPR Monitor
  • 2019 AHA Approved Infant Manikin with CPR Monitor

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Curriculum Specifications

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