Most people only think of radio when they think of digital audio production, but it encompasses so much more. In this curriculum, students delve into the exciting world of digital audio production. Students have the opportunity to explore all faucets of digital audio production, including multimedia and broadcast. This curriculum increases the students’ knowledge of audio production and the technological advancements made in the industry by using state-of-the-art digital audio production techniques. Students use production and post-production digital editing techniques, such as recording, editing, and mixing, to create a professional, high quality product.





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Module Equipment Includes

Student Workbook, Instructor's Manual, Installation CD, Audio Production Software, CD 
Burner, FRESH - The Music Library CD, Headphones, Microphone, The Mix Signature Collection - Corporate Mix 1 CD

Part # and Description

MP6702 Digital Audio Production  



Curriculum Specifications

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