Learning as they build, students follow the process of constructing a scale model of a storage shed, which includes framing the side walls, building a back wall and covering it with sheathing, framing and sheathing window walls, and completing the door wall. The students then put all of the walls together, set the roof trusses, soffits, fascias, and sheathe the roof. Students will also find plenty of highly useful construction information—such as the kinds, sizes, and grades of lumber available—as well as fascinating histories and facts about significant building structures.





Math/Measure Science Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Building Construction Student Activity Guide, DEPCO Building Construction Templates, Building Construction Tool Kit, Pre-Cut Building Kits (4)

Part # and Description

TM9600 Building Construction - Complete with 4 Kits



Curriculum Specifications

The Building Construction curriculum consists of a well-illustrated student activity guide with 10 daily activities and 5 additional enrichment activities including careers, problem solving, challenge activities, vocabulary reinforcement, and Internet.