In this project-packed curriculum, students get a taste of a wide range of biotechnological concepts, processes, and uses. They set up and complete a hydroponics experiment and grapple with tough bioethics case studies. Students learn about basic genetics and how DNA works. They learn to analyze biochemical compounds in materials using chromatography and to use enzymes to cause biological reactions. In addition, they are asked to observe the fermentation process and explore common biological pharmaceutical products. Students also complete blood typing experiments. Plus, with the Biotech and Genetics curriculm, students receive valuable practice with a number of biotechnology tools, including a microscope.





Math/Measure Science Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Biotech and Genetics Student Workbook, DEPCO Biotech and Genetics Instructor's Manual, DEPCO Biotech and Genetics Installation CD, Microscope, Electronic Scale, Electronic Timer, Beaker Warmer, 25 ml Graduated Cylinder, 100 ml Graduated Cylinder, 150 ml Beaker, Plant Light House, Scoop, Tweezers, Prepared Slides, Ruler, Scissors, Thermometer, Funnel, Wash Bottle (2), Vials (50), Test Tube Rack, Storage Trays (2), Safety Glasses (2), Lab Coats (2), Microscope Poster, Headphones (2), Biotech and Genetics Supply Kit for 24 Students

Part # and Description

MP0202 Biotech and Genetics - Less computer
020100 Biotech and Genetics Supply Kit (24 students)
020150 Biotech and Genetics Supply Kit (100 students)



Curriculum Specifications

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