In the Biomedical Applications CPU, students begin with the most fundamental aspects of
biomedicine and build toward the more complex ideas and related applications. Students
will explore the major branches of biomedical applications and conduct research to develop
an understanding of the ethical and practical implications associated with each of the
fields studied. The major branches covered in the course are molecular biology, genetics,
biomedical research, biofarming and pharmaceuticals, and biomedical engineering.





National Health Science Standards

Module Equipment Includes

  • Biomedical Applications CD with Digital Instructor's Overview Booklet 
  • Biomedical Applications Video CD
  • Biotechnology textbook
  • Genetics and cells software
  • Cloning simulation
  • Applied Technologies’ ELISA Simulation
  • DNA information DVD
  • DNA Model kit
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography kit
  • Genes in a Bottle kit
  • DNA Necklace kit
  • Strawberry DNA Extraction kit
  • Miscellaneous materials and consumables

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Curriculum Specifications

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