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DEPCO Studio

DEPCO Studio is an all-encompassing, online education tool that delivers enriched media content and tests while also offering all of your lab management needs. Scheduling, test taking, record keeping, and messaging organizes classrooms and communication between students and instructors in a simple, systematic approach.

DEPCO Career and Technical Education

DEPCO's Career and Technical Education programs deliver STEM based concepts through a hands-on learning approach. Through instructional and interactive curricula, students gain and retain knowledge and skillsets that lead to valuable certificates of completion. 

DEPCO's career pathway units are deveoped with national education standards in mind and support the Career Clusters framework.  


Intelitek is a world-leading developer, producer, and supplier of technology training solutions. Intelitek’s innovative and award winning educational initiatives have helped students from middle schools, high schools to post-secondary institutions gain crucial career building skills that will ensure their future employability.

Intelitek offers comprehensive solutions in the felds of: STEM, Robotics, Machining, Automation & Mechatronics, Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Industrial Maintenance, and Process Control.

Microburst Learning

Microburst Learning focuses on offering MicroCareerBursts (interactive online job shadows) and career-based games). MicroCareerBurst lessons features career options for all types of personalities, skill sets, and education levels (ranging from requiring a high school diploma to advanced degrees). Each highly-engaging MicroCareerBurst includes interactive slides exploration, games, avatars, videos, scenarios, etc.


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SARIN Energy Solutions

SARIN Energy provides high-grade LED lights for almost every industry. SARIN's ISO 9001:2015 certified production facilities allow them to supply the Midwest and beyond with truly reliable products. They start with cutting-edge designs and the best materials on the market. Once a fixture exceeds their standards it is tested further by partners like DLC and Energy Star.

Sarin Energy Solutions started offering a wide variety of products that can deliver shortwave ultraviolet light called UVC, which has benefits for sterilization. UVC light penetrates the outer layers of cells and fuses their DNA or RNA, keeping them from reproducing. It takes only seconds of exposure to work.