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Offered by DEPCO in the US.

Introducing the NEW Makerbot Method 3D Printer!

Developed from the ground up by improving upon several patented industrial technologies from Stratasys® — technologies that empowered the DNA of an industrial 3D printer from the onset. Combined with MakerBot’s industry-leading accessibility and smart workflow features, Method screams past desktop 3D printers while ensuring dimensional accuracy and industrial 3D printer reliability.

Key Features:

Circulating Heated Chamber:
Controls the heat of every layer as it’s printed to provide dimensional accuracy, improved layer adhesion, and greater part strength.

Dual Performance Extruders:
Featuring lengthened thermal cores, optimized torque, and an industry-leading sensor suite, Performance Extruders maximize material flow rate at high speeds while providing consistent and reliable extrusion across every layer.

Precision Dissolving PVA Supports:
Precision Dissolving PVA enables fast and easy support removal without compromising part design or dimensional accuracy.

Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame Construction:
A structurally-optimized metal frame runs the full length of the body to offset flexing. Less flexing means more consistent prints with better part accuracy and fewer failures.

Smart Sensors + Connectivity:
A network of 21 intelligent sensors embedded throughout the printer gives you full control while making material and print management easy and accessible.