The Block Academy offers Builders, a developmentally-appropriate literacy curriculum for 3 to 6 years olds. This curriculum concentrates on the scientifically-proven concept that children learn in an assortment of ways by using all of their senses. It uses hands-on, experiential learning; sensory motor integration; and brain/skill development through the use of manipulatives by Mega Bloks.

Burden Free. Total content is provided for the educator. Not only a handful of activities, but every activity, procedure, and exercise is detailed for every hour of every day, which helps to reduce the educator's preparation time, it provides continuity if an educator is absent, and it provides a flexible curriculum that can be used in entirety or with chosen elements.

Comprehensive. It is truly comprehensive as it incorporates science, math, music, physical activity, arts and crafts, character development, snacks and recipes, and weekly parent newsletters.

Flexible. This curriculum allows for a flexible schedule for all-day and half-day programs. The educator may use as little or as much he/she chooses. There are enough resources and activities to plan for a 10 to 12 month program.

Sensory Integration. Facilitates the developing brain by using information from all senses. MindBuild provides daily sensory integration activities to enhance brain development. This approach also reaches out to children with learning disabilities who may have difficulty with sensory integration.

For additional information, please view The Block Academy Catalog and contact:

Sapience Corporation
Aundrea Holloman
Director of Early Childhood and Safety
Office: 620.308.6512
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Science Math Arts and Crafts Music Physical Activity Character Development

Module Equipment Includes

Story and Flannel Board Figures, Phonics Song Poster, Mega Bloks Manipulatives, Blacklines, Games, Stickers, Large Task Cards

Part # and Description

BA1010 - Block 1, All About Me BA1020 - Block 2, By Land, Air, or Sea BA1030 - Block 3, Friends and Neighbors BA1040 - Block 4, Animals BA1050 - Block 5: Outer Space BA1060 - Block 6: Mother Goose and Make-Believe BA1070 - Block 7: Celebrations and Imaginations BA1080 - Block 8: Under the Sea BA1090 - Block 9: Snug as a Bug BA1100 - Block 10: Fun in the Sun, Wind, and Rain



Curriculum Specifications

No information available.

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