The Secret Codes Reading Curriculum for Young Children is an innovative, exciting approach to teaching reading. Based on years of research, this curriculum teaches children how to read by emphasizing the relationship between letters and their sounds, which helps build their phonological processing skills and allows them to overcome reading difficulties.

Children learn how to decode words into sounds and how to blend sounds into words. They learn to read words, sentences, and even paragraphs. They also learn spelling through whole classroom and small group activities. Secret Codes represents the way children will be taught to read in the future.

The Secret Codes curriculum was created in partnership with Dr. David P. Hurford from Pittsburg State University. Dr. Hurford used two decades of research about learning and reading disorders to write the Secret Codes literacy curriculum for kindergartners.

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The Secret Codes curriculum is written in partnership with Pittsburg State University using the International Reading Association standards. Close correlation with these standards will provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for literacy development.

Module Equipment Includes

Aa–Zz Teacher Alphabet Posters, Assessment Forms, Educational Units (Teacher Guides), Newsletters, Report Cards, Secret Codes Advancers Book, Small Group Activity Games, Student Homework/Classroom Cards, Student Worksheets *Most content also provided on CD for viewing on overhead projectors.

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