Science Essentials introduces students to plants, animals, and soil structure. Students will learn about the scientific method and how to form a hypothesis. Students will also learn about special problems found in soil, soil-testing methods, creating and using planting beds, and the tools needed to make a successful garden.






Problem Solving

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Science Essentials Student Workbook, DEPCO Science Essentials Installation CD, DEPCO Hydroponic Growth Chamber, Master Landscape Software, John Deere American Farmer Software, Soil Test Kit, Headphones (2), Leather, Rings (100), Rivets, Leather Finish, Paper Towels, Wax Paper, Plastic Knives (100), Microscope, Key Chain Template, Alphabet and 3-D Stamps, Complete Tool Rack, Cutting Board, Rawhide Mallet, Rotary Punch, Tin Snip, Tackle Holder (6), Small Containers with Lids (6), Toaster, Extension Cord, Meat Cut Poster, Perlite, Foam Tray, Clear Plastic Vials (24), Test Tube Rack, Plastic Bottle with Cap, 25 ml Graduated Cylinders (2), Lab Coats (2), Slides, Tweezers, Seeds, Plant Food, Masking Tape (2), Black Markers (2), Funnel, Measuring Cups and Spoons, 3 Gallon Storage Boxes (3), Plastic 12 oz Cups (100), Soil, Plastic Spoons (100), Plastic 3 oz Cups (300), Coffee Filters, Soil Test Kit Refills (10)

Part # and Description

Career Explorations Science - MP2202



Curriculum Specifications

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