Presentation technology is a powerful graphics curriculum based upon PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint, the students gain a basic knowledge of each component of a presentation: individual slides, speaker notes, an outline of a presentation, handouts, lectures, agendas, and flyers. The students then use graphics, text, charts, movies, sound effects, and even the Internet to share this information. The presentation is then displayed as an electronic slide show on a computer, a video projector, or the Internet.





Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Presentation Technology Student Workbook, DEPCO Presentation Technology Installation CD, Microsoft Office, External CD Burner, Sony Digital Camera, Headphones (2), Presentation Technology MediaPLUS Supply Kit for 100 Students

Part # and Description

MP1700 Presentation Technology - Complete
MP1702 Presentation Technology - Less computer
170100 Presentation Technology Supply Kit (100 students)



Curriculum Specifications

The student workbook contains concise hands-on procedures, illustrations, screen captures, and photographs which reinforce the multimedia content. Special attention is placed on interesting and relevant graphics to encourage visual learning.

DEPCO Studio is an effective curriculum delivery system that uses the power of the computer to deliver educational content. By using interesting digital videos, full-color animations, professional quality narrations, challenging interactions, relevant photographs, and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), DEPCO has modernized the way subject matter is taught.

Modules are 15 units consisting of:

- 10 basic activity days with Pre-Test, Post-Test, and Activity Review Questions

- 5 enrichment activities include: vocabulary reinforcement, problem-solving, open-ended challenges, careers, and Internet activities

An instructor's section includes: lesson plan outlines, installation instructions, and answer keys

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