Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings encompasses all areas of interior decorating and coordinating furnishings with residential design. Students gain invaluable knowledge of basic design rules, different styles of architecture, and furnishings. Students also learn how to decorate on a tight budget, which allows them to explore their creativity. This curriculum briefly introduces students to the world of interior decorating. Students experience actual tasks that would be performed by an interior decorator by creating a sample board of fabrics, paints, wallpaper, flooring, and furnishings. Next, they demonstrate different painting techniques on a laminate board, including sponging and ragging. This curriculum also teaches students how to efficiently design the elements of kitchens and bathrooms, and how to use furnishing arrangements and lighting in those rooms.





Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings FCCLA Integration

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings Student Workbook, DEPCO Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings Installation CD, 1500 Best Selling CD, Scale Kit, Color Wheel, Scissors, Ruler, Calculator, 3D Home Architect Software, Carpet Sample Book, Paint Samples Collection, Fabric Samples, Sample Display Board, Headphones (2), Module Boxes (2), Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings Supply Kit for 100 Students

Part # and Description

MP4202 Housing, Interiors, and Furnishings



Curriculum Specifications

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