In a nutshell, Global Positioning System (GPS) captures the vast circumference of the world and minimizes its size by enabling students to pinpoint target-specific areas. Today, GPS is used in the transportation industry to track everything from jumbo jets to 18-wheelers; in agriculture to accurately plant, fertilize, and harvest crops; for personal use in such activities as hiking, fishing, and boating; and, it is also used to help locate and track some of our precious natural resources. After completing this curriculum, students have a greater awareness of the world in which we live as well as a working knowledge of GPS through the use of actual GPS software and hardware.





Math/Measure Problem Solving Science Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Global Positioning System Student Workbook, Global Positioning System Installation CD, GPS Personal Navigator, Navigational Software, Metric Circle Template, Ruler, Globe, Atlas, Headphones (2)

Part # and Description

MP1002 Global Positioning System 



Curriculum Specifications

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