This curriculum focuses on the importance of the developmental areas of growth for all humans, beginning with the earliest experiences of nurturing and education. Students learn about early childhood care and services, educational practices, various learning styles, and the needs of the elderly. They also learn about the struggles and the needs of people with learning and developmental disabilities. Students gain insight into how life choices and experiences affect our personalities, health, and happiness.





Early Childhood, Education, and Services Family Family and Community Services Human Development FCCLA Integration

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Early Childhood and Human Development Student Workbook, DEPCO Early Childhood and Human Development Installation CD, Scissors, Stencils (2), Digital Camcorder, Real Lives Software, Playing Is Learning Software, Hole Puncher, Ruler, Animal Rubber Stamps (6), Headphones (2), Module Box, Early Childhood and Human Development Supply Kit for 100 Students

Part # and Description

MP3902 Early Childhood and Human Development



Curriculum Specifications

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