Students learn that accuracy and precision are required to manufacture consistently uniform and successful products. In this practical curriculum, students are first introduced to the tools of industrial drawing. Because making exact measurements and creating scaled drawings are so important, students spend several activities on both before investigating the fundamentals of freehand sketching, line work, lettering, and plate mounting and alignment. Then, step-by-step, students learn how to represent 3-D objects on a 2-D plane. Finally, students practice reading and creating dimensional drawings in orthographic projections as well as creating pictorial projections with single point and 2-point perspective.




Problem Solving

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Mechanical Drafting Student Activity Guide, Manual Drafting Boards (2), T-Square (2), Drawing Pencil Set, Scales (2), Drafting Template Set, Mini Dusting Brush, Divider, Compass, Organizer Tray, Mechanical Drafting Supply Kit for 24 Students

Part # and Description

TM9500 Career Explorations (Mechanical Drafting)



Curriculum Specifications

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