Consumer and Family Resources and Services provide programs for the education and protection of individuals and families who purchase, use, maintain, and dispose of products and services. In this curriculum, students learn about these real-world tasks by pretending to move out on their own. They use computer software to create a budget, open a checking account, and make practical spending choices. Students also learn to use a personal finance software to maintain their budget. They gain valuable knowledge by using software that simulates car purchasing and they experience the entire process of making this large financial commitment, which includes shopping for a car, qualifying for financing, and selecting insurance. Students also gain an understanding for consumer advocacy and product testing by conducting comparative product testing on different brands of a particular product.





Consumer Protection International Concepts Problem Solving Role of Government Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Consumer Finance Student Workbook, DEPCO Consumer Finance Installation CD, Toys (4), Testing Tube, On Your Own Coast to Coast Software, Dollars and Sense Cars Portfolio, Financial/Budgeting Computer Software, Headphones (2)

Part # and Description

MP3702- Consumer Finance 



Curriculum Specifications

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