DEPCO's Business Planning curriculum introduces students to fundamental practices and various aspects of business. First, students learn the components and skills required in accounting by completing a balance sheet using financial software. Next, students discover the importance of record keeping in management by entering various data into record keeping software. Then, business-planning software is used to teach students how to analyze and implement a completed business plan. The marketing aspect of business is targeted when students develop a marketing plan and create an original advertisement. Lastly, students learn how to showcase their skills and knowledge by preparing a resume using resume software.





International Concepts Market Structures Analysis Math Problem Solving Reading

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Business Planning Student Workbook, DEPCO Business Planning Installation CD, Business PlanPro Software, ResumeMaker® Professional Software, Greenhouse Notes Software, TimeCard Manager Software, Headphones (2), Business Planning Supply Kit for 100 Students

Part # and Description

MP3502 - Business Planning 



Curriculum Specifications

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