Business law is comprised of a broad category of legal services. Students will learn the sources and the influences of the law. They will differentiate between different types of law. They will discuss business crimes and how they are governed by both criminal and civil law. Business law also involves the creation of agreements and contracts. Students will identify the elements of a contract. Business law also protects the employee against discrimination and governs unionization within the workplace. Many laws also protect consumers. Students will evaluate the importance of law on all aspects of the business cycle from the business owner to the employees to the consumer.




Consumer Protection International Concepts Problem Solving Reading Role of Government

Module Equipment Includes

DEPCO Business Law Student Workbook, DEPCO Business Law Installation CD, Microsoft Office Word Software, Camcorder, Headphones (2)

Part # and Description

MP3302 - Business Law 



Curriculum Specifications

The student workbook contains concise hands-on procedures, illustrations, screen captures, and photographs which reinforce the multimedia content. Special attention is placed on interesting and relevant graphics to encourage visual learning. DEPCO Studio is an effective curriculum delivery system that uses the power of the computer to deliver educational content. By using interesting digital videos, full-color animations, professional quality narrations, challenging interactions, relevant photographs, and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), DEPCO has modernized the way subject matter is taught. Modules are 15 units consisting of: - 10 basic activity days with Pre-Test, Post-Test, and Activity Review Questions - 5 enrichment activities include: vocabulary reinforcement, problem-solving, open-ended challenges, careers, and Internet activities An instructor's section includes: lesson plan outlines, installation instructions, and answer keys