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The NextEngine 3D Scanner captures full-color objects using multi-laser precision. After an object is scanned, designers can transfer the scanned object to various formats, including: STL, OBJ, VRML, and XYZ. Scanned models can also be exported to various design software.

Stratasys 3D Printing

Dimension 3D Printer

Dimension is a business unit of Stratasys, Inc., a leading manufacturer of 3D printing, rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing systems for automotive, aerospace, industrial, recreational, electronic, medical and consumer product OEMs.


Fortus 3D Production Systems allow for the flexibility to produce thermoplastic parts with the strength, resilience, precision, and functionality of traditionally manufactured parts without machining or tooling.


MakerBot printers are affordable, personal fabrication tools, compact enough to sit on any desktop, and allow anyone at any skill level to become producers, inventors and artists. MakerBot Operators produce physical objects from strands of melted plastic filament, an activity described colloquially as MakerBotting.


The Mojo 3D Printer allows designers to create real-world concept models, rapid prototypes, and product mockups and immediately check them for design flaws. Mojo 3D Printers use ABSplus thermoplastic to generate models that stand up to testing in their intended environment.


Objet is a business unit of Stratasys Ltd., a leading manufacturer of 3D printing. Objet Design Series 3D Printers are most often used by design engineers who are tasked with testing a product’s design.


Designers can use Solidscape 3D printers to create lost wax investment casting and mold making applications, such as fine jewelry, dental restorations, turbine blades, biomedical products, orthopedics, electronics, and many other high-precision products. Solidscape printers allow designers the flexibility to create prototypes with a high level of geometrical intricacy, surface finish, and castability.

uPrint™ SE

The uPrint SE Personal 3D Printer turns your ideas into durable ABSplus plastic models you can hold, discuss and test.

uPrint™ SE Plus

The uPrint SE Plus personal 3D printer gives you a 33% larger build envelope than the original uPrint printer, but in the same 25" by 26" footprint.

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